We're a progressive art studio working with artists with disabilities to create art.
We're a progressive art studio working with artists with disabilities to create art.
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"Innersense," ushered by Germán Herrera (online exhibition)
"Murmuration" selected by Alisa Golden (online exhibition)
177 Years, Selected By Julia Goodman and Michael Hall (online exhibition)
Untitled (D0653) mixed media on paper by NIAD studio artist Erica Martinez. image description: a bright magenta feather shape with black ink details on a white background.
40 Below, organized by Scott Ogden (online exhibition)
A drawing of floating hearts surrounded by smaller hearts, large floating flowers with hearts on the petals, flowers surrounded by flowers, all shapes filled with thin washes of color. Some are colored with pencil. Signed by the artist.
A Novel., Selected By Anthony Campuzano (Online Exhibition)
A Queen's Tomb, Selected By Maryam Yousif (online exhibition)
A Year Through the (Browser) Windows // NIAD's 2021 Online Exhibitions (online exhibition)
A Year Through the Windows (online exhibition)
$10 Add-on donation to NIAD
All Power To The Animal, Selected By Steve Morrison (online exhibition)
Rune XLII (Starspawn)
Animals Are My Favorite People, Selected By Donald Smith (online exhibition)
AOM Series: Esmeralda Silva, online exhibition
Artist Books
Artist Books from All of the Art, Selected By Anne Beck (online exhibition)
Artist of the Month Series: Peter Harris, online exhibition
Artist of the Month Series: We Are Creating Our History, Curated By Deatra Colbert, Felicia Griffin, and Dorrie Reid (online exhibition)
Be Heard. Speak Up., Selected by Fenwick & West (online exhibition)
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Bookends, Selected By Ellen Lake (online exhibition)
Carlota Rodriguez + Elena Rossi, Selected By Samantha Bittman
Cat As Muse, Cat As Fuse, Selected By Elena Passarello (online exhibition)
Cat Waterfall, Artist of the Month Series, Selected by Ann Meade (online exhibition)
cats & dogs, Selected By Daniel Kapp (online exhibition)
Chameleon With A Kaleidoscope, Selected By Prajakti Jayavant (online exhibition)
Charged Particles, Selected By Kate Conlon (online exhibition)
City Living, Selected By Andrew Holmquist
Color and Symbol, Selected By Sarah Wertzberger (online exhibition)
Color Compulsion: Collective Rhythm In Color, Process, And Play, Selected By Poppy Dodge (online exhibition)
Color Theories, Selected By David Buuck (online exhibition)
Contrast, Selected By Molly Joyce (online exhibition)
Costume Store, Selected By Ari Banias (online exhibition)
Cradle, Bump, Tap, Slap, Push, Selected By Brittney Leeanne Williams (online exhibition)
Craft-tastic!, Selected By Shenny Cruces (online exhibition)
Crooked Teeth, Selected By Brett Flanigan (online exhibition)
Detournement: A Coherent Vision, Selected By Greg Roberts
Diverse Findings, Selected By Paulette Nichols (online exhibition)
Donna is Sarah, Selected By Rose Dickson (online exhibition)
A brightly colored blanket hanging from a rod.
Draw Your Letters, Selected By Danny Floyd (online exhibition)
Eddysroom@NIAD, Selected By Austin Eddy (online exhibition)
Edges of Attention, Selected By Canela Art Gallery (online exhibition)
Encounters In A Landscape, Selected By Marjetica Potrč
Encyclopedia, Selected By Brittany Kieler (online exhibition)
Ends, Selected By Matthew Weston Taylor (online exhibition)
Ephemera + Artist Books
Every Sing, Selected By Jesse Malmed (online exhibition)
Everything You See is Me, Selected By Kristy Luck (online exhibition)
EVIL ROBOTS!, Selected By Miles Rodriguez (online exhibition)
Faces In The Crowd, Selected By Elizabeth Lalley (Online Exhibition)
Faces Places, Selected By Sammy Kapp (online exhibition)
Families And Friends, Selected By Nakiesha White (online exhibition)
Favorite Recycled Nature, Selected By Jean McElvane (Online Exhibition)
Fiber + Wallhangings
FLUX, Selected By Danny Joe Rose III (online exhibition)
Force Fields And Atmospheres, Selected By Matthew Pawlowski (online exhibition)
Forest Of Fantasy, Selected By Bessie Kunath (online exhibition)
From a Letter, Selected by Ramsay Kolber (online exhibition)
gathering opening, Selected By Colter Jacobsen (Online Exhibition)
Give the Poets Time, Selected By Julia Schwartz (online exhibition)
Glaze Words, Selected By Lisa Rybovich Crallé (online exhibition)
Glaze Words, Selected by Skye Gilkerson (online exhibition)
Group Chat, Selected By Kate Rhoades & Katy Kondo (online exhibition)
Hands Up, Don’t Shoot! (The Fed Up/ Can't Take It Anymore Remix), Selected By Jennifer McCoy
Heart + Home, Selected By Kate Mothes (online exhibition)
Heavy Color, Selected By Ryan Schneider (online exhibition)
Holding The Line, Selected By jill moniz (online exhibition)
HOME., Selected By Amy Hargreaves (online exhibition)
How Does It Make You Feel?, Selected By Sonja Murphy (online exhibition)
I Love My Work, Selected By NIAD's Artist Advisory Committee (online exhibition)
A cloud of inky blue wraps around a brilliant red figure hovering in the middle of the picture. The figure’s eyes and nose are described with minimal blue lines.
In the Field, Selected By Margot Werner (online exhibition)
Jeremy Burleson, Luis Estrada, and Anne Meade: Dreamscapes, Mind Maps, and Hearts’ Desires, Selected By Christine Wong Yap (online exhibition)
Jewelry + Wearables
Karen May, Untitled (coloring outside the lines), selected by Bob Linder (online exhibition)
Kiss----Kiss, Selected By Fanny Singer (online exhibition)
Know Your Rights, Selected By Chloe Crawford (online exhibition)
Last month's NIAD Windows Exhibition: Closing Of The Year, Curated by Jean McElvane, On View December 5-30
Let's Do The Time Warp Again, Selected By Boyang Hou (online exhibition)
Let’s Go Away For A While, Selected By Caitlin McCormack (online exhibition)
Leviathan, Selected By Ethan Gill (online exhibition)
Limited Billy White Serigraph
Lost In Translations*, Selected By Matthieu Morin (online exhibition)
Love is Here to Stay, Selected By Nancy Lim (online exhibition)
A loose grid of colored squares with colored squares collaged onto them, and colored circles drawn on top of that. The color is saturated and dark, with pops of bright yellow and lime green among the purples, browns and blues.
Menagerie, Selected By Becca Cohn (online exhibition)
MIND MAPPING, Selected By Minoosh Zomorodinia (online exhibition)
Mixed Messages, Selected By Chelsea Moylan (online exhibition)
Modern Times: Matthew Langley
Monochrome Markings, Selected By Jennifer Gilbert (online exhibition)
Mother, Selected By Jesus Herrera (online exhibition)
Movie Date, Selected By Katie Kimmel (online exhibition)
Necesito Más Flores, Selected by Maria Radilla (online exhibition)
Necessary Gesture, Selected By Stacey Beach (online exhibition)
 "A painting of a super chill lavender lizard-like creature with a blue eye, bright red feed and wavy yellow scales, basking on a two-toned black and gray walk, against a pale yellow sky."
NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #1: "Mixed Media" collection by Samantha Kershnar
A ceramic bowl with a speckled, layered object in the center of the bowl, surrounded by patches of color in the same palette - black-speckled beige, orange, yellow, burgundy, red and pale blue.
NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #3: "The Zindel Collection" by Bill
NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #4: "SISTER SISTER" selected by Amanda and Sarah Eicher
NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #5, collected by Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh
The NIAD Win Win 10 logo - a blue circle with the number 10 inside, surrounded by the word "WIN' in alternating blue and black color, sans serif font.
graphite on colored paper 16 x 20” unique 2017 by Shana Harper. A playful depiction of a bird with red and pink striped wings, an orange beak, green eyes, a purple and green belly, and blue top feathers on a background of leaves and twigs on dark paper.
NIAD Sound Recordings
NIAD Windows Exhibition // LENS, Selected by NIAD's Exhibition Team
NIAD Windows Exhibition // Menagerie on 23rd Street
NIAD Windows Exhibition// Another Fine Mess Age: Anthony Grant X NIAD
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Adornment, Selected by Max Kauffman
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Art In Windows, Organized by NIAD + Richmond Main Street Initiative
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Con Los Animales Estamos Conectados, Selected by Christo Oropeza
Drawing of African Mask in Colored Pencil by NIAD Studio Artist Shawna Kinard
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Mis Figuras Favoritas: Carlota Rodriguez & Erica Martinez
NIAD Windows Exhibition: My Rising Special Place, organized by Dorrie Reid and Mary Mortimer
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Necesito Más Flores (I Need More Flowers), Curated by Maria Radilla
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Picnic, organized by Jessica Cadkin
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Selections Of NIAD Work From The Joan Finton Art Collection
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Soft Material, Organized by Nan Collymore & Celia Lesh
NIAD Windows Exhibition: The Ultimate NIAD Hard-Core Horror Metal Art Show, Selected By Alan Perez
Saul Alegria Untitled (S2530) glazed ceramics 3 x 3 x 3.5” unique 2018
NIAD Windows Exhibition: Weaving Circle, Organized by Circulo Tejido/Backstrap Club
Untitled (D2608) Carlota Rodriguez. mixed media on paper 30 x 22” unique 2019
NIAD x Christie's // Future History: The Katz Legacy
NIAD's Holiday Gift Guide #1 (online exhibition)
NIAD's Holiday Gift Guide #2 (online exhibition)
Night Vision, Selected By Christina Linden (online exhibition)
Note To Self, Selected By Lauren Davies (online exhibition)
Nowhere Anywhere But Here, Selected By Scott MacLeod
Objects in Performance, Selected By Arianna Rodriguez (online exhibition)
On The Move, Selected By Evin Collis
Online Event: Thirsty Thursday - Art In Windows Workshop!
Online Event: Thirsty Thursday with Jean McElvane, December 17
Online Event: Thirsty Thursday with Jessica Cadkin & Leigh Barbier
Online Event: Thirsty Thursday with Maria Radilla, November 19
Online Event: Thirsty Thursday with Mary Mortimer and Dorrie Reid, Thursday, January 14, 6PM
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Online Event: Thirsty Thursday with Nan Collymore & Celia Lesh
Online Event: Thirsty Thursday with Raven Harper and Shawna Kinard
Online Event: Thirsty Thursday with Simon Tran and Kari Simonsen
Online Exhibition: It’s Time For Joy, Selected By Julie Mallis
Other Side Of The Rainbow, Selected By Stephanie Hanor (online exhibition)
Patterns Never Cry, Selected By Amy Spencer (online exhibition)
Penmanships, Selected By Carolyn Lockhart Schoerner  (online exhibition)
Perfect Memory, Selected By Justin Clifford Rhody (online exhibition)
Personal Take, Selected by Adam Yokell (online exhibition)
Petrichor, Selected By Ingrid Alonso-Rodriguez (online exhibition)
Pizza!, Selected By Sophie Larrimore (online exhibition)
Place On The Mantel, Selected by castaneda/reiman (online exhibition)
PODS, Selected By sam ho (online esxhibition)
Possession, Selected By Tommy Brewer (online exhibition)
Power and Praise and Powerful Prints, Selected By Halisi Noel-Johnson (online exhibition)
An abstract print in red and blue ink.
Prismatic Visions, Selected By Bonanza (online exhibition)
Purple Barbara, Selected By Richard Zimmerman (online exhibition)
Ravel, Selected By Danny Volk (online exhibition)
RE:imagining DIS:place, Selected by Michelle N. Jones (online exhibition)
Reaching Out to You, Reaching Out to Me, Selected By Sarah-Dawn Albani (online exhibition)
Relics for the Future, Organized by Jessica Snow
Resonance, Selected By Andy Cabic (online exhibition)
Road To Nowhere, Selected By Eric Shiner (Online Exhibition)
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Serotonin Ping, Selected By Zoë Taleporos (online exhibition)
Shift, Selected By Bri Beck (online exhibition)
Singular, Selected By SlingShot Alpha Art Studio & Gallery (online exhibition)
Small Business Development Workshop for Richmond-Based Artists (online)
Some Things Last a Long Time, Selected By Lisa Kehler (online exhibition)
Specific Planet, Selected By Katherine Lam (online exhibition)
SPEED, Selected By Patrick Reed (online exhibition)
A collection of objects drawn on a roughly textured piece of pale blue handmade paper. The objects are simple - outlined in black and colored blue, yellow, gray, red, or purple - but evade identification. They are close, but not touching.
Sugar Babe, Selected By Abel Guzman (online exhibition)
Sunday Night (Impulse Buy), Selected By Cléa Massiani (online exhibition)
Super Powers, Selected By Aubrey Ingmar Manson (online exhibition)
The Absence Of Evidence Is Not The Evidence Of Absence, Selected By Christalena Hughmanick (online exhibition)
The Eight Cats Also Eight Flowers, Selected By Claire Barliant (online exhibition)
The House That Jack Built, Selected By Stephen W. Evans (online exhibition)
The Ides Of March, Selected By Jenni Crain (online exhibition)
The Importance Of The Mark, Selected By Kerri Ammirata (online exhibition)
The Thing About Spring, Selected By Sophia Cosmadopoulos (online exhibition)
The Weight of the World, Selected By Lauren Frances Evans (online exhibition)
The Whole Body, Selected By Alex Stark (online exhibition)
The Wonderful Colorful World, Selected by NIAD’s Professional Practice Group
The Writing on the Wall, Selected By Daniel Nevers (online exhibition)
This Is My Dream, Selected By Dorian Reid (online exhibition)
Top Ten: A Tribute To The Greats, Selected By Brittany Baksa (online exhibition)
Transforming Forces, Selected By Gülşah Mursaloğlu (online exhibition)
Travel In Place - Pathways And Portals, Selected By Lena Gustafson (online exhibition)
Travelogue, Selected By Prajakti Jayavant (online exhibition)
Tropics of NIAD, Selected By Andrea Lounibos (online exhibition)
True Grit, Selected By Lexa Walsh (online exhibition)
True Identity, Selected By Patricia Iglesias Peco (online exhibition)
Two Of Swords, Selected By Shelli Quintos (online exhibition)
Untitled, Wallhanging Cat Ouija Board, Selected By Aziz Yonuss (online exhibition)
Warming, Selected By Good Buy Supply (online exhibition)
Watch TV With Me, Selected By Zach Ozma (online exhibition)
Water Donky Visions, Selected By Nick Norman (online exhibition)
Waving From The Future, Selected By Liz Koury (online exhibition)
We Are The Creatures, Selected By Yana Sternberger-Moyé (online exhibition)
We Must Cultivate Our Own Garden, Selected By David Wilson (online exhibition)
What I See, Selected By Eileen Noonan (online exhibition)
Whitney & Robyn Forever, Selected By Hannah Hiaasen (online exhibition)
Word Soup, Selected By Kelly Lloyd (online exhibition)
Words And Feeling, Selected By Nicole Shaffer (online exhibition)
Works On Paper
Yielding, Selected By Ann Marguerite Tartsinis (online exhibition)
Zines + Chapbooks