Collection: "20 Continuous Lines," selected by Veronica DeJesus (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

hand drawn text on a white rectangle. The text is typed below in the same order as it appears in this image. To the right of the listed terms is a list of the artists names included in the show, stacked vertically.

20 continuous lines
Model Making
Grounding Stones
Finding Balance
Seeing things through
Colors open up our perspectives
Finding peace and harmony
EVEN through hard shifts
laying in a field
Feeling connected to your purpose
Having your inner light turned on from within


About the selector

Veronica DeJesus is a visual artist currently living and working in Los Angeles. She was raised in Miami, LA, Oakland and on the open road along Highway 10. Veronica has had numerous solo shows at galleries in New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco, including her remarkable exhibition of Memorial drawings at The Berkeley Art Museum. Her work has been featured in various publications around the world, notably, People Are a Light to Love, a collection of inspirational drawings spanning 12 years. Veronica is an active Artist in Residence at the community based Transformative Arts program and is currently creating a body of new work for her upcoming exhibition at Anglim Trimble gallery in L.A. Her work will soon be permanently installed at Foothills Elementary, part of the Washington State Art Collection. She holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from UC Berkeley.

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