Collection: Kiss----Kiss, Selected By Fanny Singer (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

Maybe it's just this strange moment in timein which isolation has made physical intimacy of any variety seem so dear—but the idea of a kiss, of a hug, of a lengthy embrace (especially with an acquaintance, or, better yet, a stranger) has taken on mythological proportions. This selection of works plays on this longing for closeness, for the literal kiss—or kiss-kiss, or even kiss-kiss-kiss—of a greeting in parts of Europe, the Middle East and South America. But at the same time, it acknowledges that this lonely time isn't over just yet. The ten works, therefore, are intended to be seen in pairs; little intimate conversations between partners, siblings or friends. A thirst for love, only partially requited. The poetry of yearning, inscribed by the present smallness of each day.


About the selector

Fanny Singer is a writer, curator, and co-founder of the design brand, Permanent Collection. In March of 2020, her first book, Always Home, was published by Knopf. In 2013, she completed a PhD in Art History at the University of Cambridge on the subject of Richard Hamilton's late work. Having spent more than a decade in the UK, Fanny now lives in Los Angeles and contributes art reviews and culture writing to a wide range of publications from WSJ Magazine, to Artforum, Frieze, and Art-Agenda.

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