Collection: "NIAD Potluck Party" organized by Steen Kjorlie (online exhibition)

a celadon green paper syringe marked with number-like symbols in black ink

"get up.

get on the bus.

go to NIAD.

Don't even worry about it."

- NIAD artist Jeremy Burleson

NIAD Potluck Party is a smorgasborg of sculptures from the current NIAD catalog, selected by NIAD facilitator Steen Kjorlie. 

About the Organizer

Steen Kjorlie is a Vallejo-based artist born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. Steen began making sculpture in 2000 while working in a Kansas metal yard art shop. Originally using welded skeletal, found object, assemblage technique, his work evolved into complete form metal fabrication. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 and began work assembling and finishing bronze sculpture at Art Works Foundry. During his career he has had the opportunity to work with over 50 different accomplished sculptors. Steen's work is currently on view in the de Young Open 2023, and is a ceramics facilitator at NIAD. 

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Fall's Well Ceramics Sale

with Lauren Ari, Steen Kjorlie, and NIAD ceramists

Saturday November 11

1 to 4pm

NIAD Art Center

551 23rd Street

Richmond, CA

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