Collection: EVIL ROBOTS!, Selected By Miles Rodriguez (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

Why did I pick this art theme? : EVIL ROBOTS! .....

Because I love the Terminator movies and I am a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sometimes I think about robots taking over the world some day. (It kind-of feels like it is happening right now with Corona. The Corona--- it evolves and kills people just like robots.)

Some of the EVIL ROBOTS I have picked are groups of robots meeting to destroy humans. Some have EVIL ROBOT patterns, and some, just like the Terminator, look like humans.

About the selector

My name is Miles Opie Rodriguez and I live in Portland Oregon, and I am 20 years old. I identify as having a disability. I have autism. Sometimes it makes life a little harder. Sometimes it makes life easier.

Back in March I was in the Community Transition Program and I was told not to go to the coffee cart where I was making people coffee and hot chocolates. I was learning how to make drinks. It was closed down because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. It feels awful and I don’t get to keep tips and make myself the biggest, fanciest flavored mochas in the multiverse.

During this crisis my mom has been making me make art, but I don’t normally make art. I think a lot of my drawings would make good rug patterns.

(If you would be interested in reading more about Miles' experiences while sheltering in place, he's written about them on our blog. Yes, we will have a blog!)

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