Collection: NIAD's Holiday Gift Guide #2 (online exhibition)

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Welcome back for the second edition of our Holiday Gift Guide.

This latest version features loads more gift ideas for you including a few terrific paintings and drawings (perfect for any wall). Another highlight of the guide is an inspirational pen + ink mantra from Serena Scott (you might want to keep this for yourself.) Also along are Alan Perez's charming ceramic movie monsters (this one is a tribute to Jaws and perfect for the cinephile on your list) as well as Samantha Kershnar's delightful ceramic restagings (this one is a Christmas celebration.) For your sports fan you'll find Michael Nuñez's delicious painting of a 49ers cake. We are also offering the perfect accoutrement for your gifts, a holiday themed tote from Ann Meade. And, of course, if you cannot decide what to give, try a NIAD gift card and let them decide.

Here's a quick pro tip: If you see something you like by Rebecca Jantzen, click on her name in the blue font just below the description. This will round up all of her work for you to see. You might find something you want to give even more.

But, you may wonder, if I buy something to give for the holidays, will I receive it in time? We can answer that with a hearty yes. Yes, you will. We ship it soon after you pay for it.

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Tim Buckwalter is the Director Of Exhibitions at NIAD Art Center and over the years has given a lot of art and crafts as gifts.

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