Collection: Singular, Selected By SlingShot Alpha Art Studio & Gallery (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

"Singular is an exhibition curated by the creative team at SlingShot. As a creative team, we gravitate towards work that represents the power of (simple) gesture. Throughout Singular, there is one aspect of each piece that has impressed upon us a raw energy and expressive spirit."

About the selectors

SlingShot is an art studio & gallery for artists with intellectual and developmental (IDD) disabilities, who want to create and sell art. The work is notable for its uninfluenced raw creativity. Each piece, whether it is a drawing, painting, sculpture or textile, tells a story reflecting the perspective of an artist. The open studio environment is designed to encourage creative expression and the on-site gallery offers an exhibition space that fosters a supportive link to the Santa Barbara community. Each artist at SlingShot is recognized for their talent and artistic vision.

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