Collection: Eternal Idol, organized by Emily Harris (online exhibition)

About Eternal Idol

Eternal Idol, Rodin’s famous sculpture, was hewn in marble, plaster, and bronze. His repetition of form, motif, and emotion creates a complex awareness of this bundle of human desire, submission and adoration. To repeat renders the form repeatable. The red paint on the image painted by Guadalupe Soto adds a filter to the couple. The works selected for the online exhibition Eternal Idol together speak about everyday eternity, observing and repeating and tenderly attending to what we desire, submit to and adore. 


About Emily M. Harris

Emily M. Harris is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist whose large-scale installations and intimate works fine-tune awareness. Focusing on volumes, invisible processes and interconnection, Harris conducts her experiments within the parameters of drawing; pushing our notions of what a drawing can be and grounding her work in everyday perceptual experience. Emily received an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (2013). Emily is co-founder of The Institute for Cultural Activism International, producer/co-director for the film TOUCH THE SKY - Robert Filliou

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