Colección: NIAD Windows Exhibition: Necesito Más Flores (I Need More Flowers), Curated by Maria Radilla

This is the the fifth show in our new exhibition space NIAD Windows. NIAD Windows is four white walls in the front window bays of the Art Center. The shows can easily be seen from the sidewalk or from a passing automobile.

About the exhibition

With “Necesito Más Flores,” NIAD artist Maria Radilla is the curator of our latest NIAD Windows exhihition. Radilla selected a dozen works that evoke memories of her childhood garden. “Necesito más flores”— or “I need more flowers”— is simultaneously a request pertaining to her art-making process, and also a reminder to cherish each of our own budding gardens.

As she explains, “I used to have land, and now I have flowers on my ceiling. Many flowers were on the land where I lived in Mexico when I was growing up there. Outside, there were red flowers in the fields close to me, and my dad had potted cempasúchil marigolds that he would water three times a day. You have to water flowers a little bit, and then they open up in five minutes, and then they’re red and yellow.

The artwork I picked here is very beautiful; some of it I made and some I didn’t. I chose images of flowers and birds and dolls.

In my room I have a bear with a little hat, new markers, and flowers on my ceiling. See, I used to have land, and now I have flowers on my ceiling. 

Yes, I need more flowers.”

NIAD Windows offers sidewalk and street side opportunities to view the exhibitions you’ve come to expect in our on-site galleries. NIAD Art Center is located at 551 23rd Street in Richmond, California. "Necesito Más Flores (I Need More Flowers)" is on view in "NIAD Windows" through December 3, 2020. Admission is free. The exhibition is on view all the time, everyday.

There is an expanded version of Necesito Más Flores (I Need More Flowers) available for viewing online.

Available works in the exhibition

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