Colección: NIAD Windows Exhibition: Weaving Circle, Organized by Circulo Tejido/Backstrap Club

This is the second show in our new exhibition space NIAD Windows. NIAD Windows is four white walls in the front window bays of the Art Center. The shows can easily be seen from the sidewalk or from a passing automobile.

About the exhibition

Currently on view in NIAD Windows is “Weaving Circle.” Organized by Circulo Tejido/Backstrap Club, the exhibition showcases NIAD artist weaving practices together with those of masterful Bay Area-based Guatemalan backstrap weavers. To extend the visual dialog, the works in the show are juxtaposed alongside and even on top of photographs of historic Guatemalan woven garments from the Mills College Art Museum Collection. In conjunction with this exhibition, Circulo Tejido/Backstrap Club will host a Thirsty Thursday online event (on September 3) to discuss the exhibition and their work. “Weaving Circle” brings together people, cultures, and time to illuminate some of the complexities of what it means to be a working artist now.

Círculo Tejido/Backstrap Club is an Oakland-based community group that creates a space for Guatemalan backstrap weavers and those interested in learning the art of backstrap weaving. They strive to provide weavers with a meeting place and the supplies needed to sustain this art form while also promoting cross-collaboration with other communities through weaving classes, weaving demonstrations, and weaving exhibitions. Members of Circulo Tejido/Backstrap Club are Emma Spertus, Erin Kökdil, and Maricela Martin Aguilar.

NIAD Windows offers sidewalk and street side opportunities to view the exhibitions you’ve come to expect in our on-site galleries. On view through August 14 will be nine works from local backstrap weavers and NIAD artists Evelyn Davis and Joseph Rux.

NIAD Art Center is located at 551 23rd Street in Richmond, California. "Weaving Circle" is on view in "NIAD Windows" from August 28 through September 18, 2020. Admission is free. The exhibition is on view all the time, everyday.

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