Colección: "Summer Break" organized by Matt Goldberg (online exhibition)

About the Exhibition

A ceramic figure, lying flat, arms and large hands outstretched, five antennae-like protrusions extending from its head, without facial features, glazed in goldenrod.
Sun-soaked characters, bizarre talismans, hammock relaxation, sensuous artworks that feel like sweat in my mustache - Summer Break contains alternating greens and yellows, a fast, cramped car and a deconstructed stoplight, rounded forms with exaggerated antennae, and energetic patterns of summer heatwaves. These committed artists bring melty, hungry, passion to their work for us to devour quickly like a popsicle melting down your pinky.


About the Organizer

Matt Goldberg is an artist and educator working in San Francisco where he runs the ceramic programming at SOMArts Cultural Center. Goldberg is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute (MFA 2015) and the University of Colorado, Boulder (BA 2012). He received the Recology Artist Residency (2015) and the Palo Alto Art Center’s “45 Days of Clay” Residency (2016) and has exhibited work around the Bay Area. His ceramic sculptures and 2D practice utilize a comic, cut-and-paste aesthetic with current attention towards animation, futurism, and abstracted forms.

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