Colección: Enjoy the Silence // More Picks from the Win Win 11 Silent Auction Exhibition

Oh, the gentle joys of the Silent Auction: no paddles, no shouting numbers, no crowds.

Just you—the bidder scrolling in repose (or maybe standing in line somewhere)—and the art.

But behind that beguiling piece you have your eye on, remember, is the artist who made it, and the facilitators working alongside them, and the volunteers and staff who support them, and the donors and service providers, art buyers and gallery visitors, online superfans, funders, curators, cultural workers and community members who make everything NIAD does possible.

Alright, that's actually quite a crowd. But it's very good company, and we hope you'll join in and spend some time getting to know your favorite Silent Auction lots, and maybe meet some new ones.

Browse here and bid there:

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