Colección: Saves Nine, organized by Megan Kiskaddon (online exhibition)

A work of mixed media embroidery on a bright green stretched fabric background.

About Saves Nine

I’ve had a long affinity with textile works that has become acute during these past few years during the pandemic. Fabric and thread are everyday elements but the act of sewing, stitching, threading, and weaving builds texture, dimension, pattern and movement. While functional sewing tends to favor straight lines, rectangles and set patterns, the artworks here explore curves and abstraction, with creative interplay between minimalism and maximalism. I chose these works for their tangible dynamism and energy.

About the organizer

Megan Kiskaddon is Interim Chief Education and Community Engagement Officer at SFMOMA, where she oversees and implements artist driven, socially engaged, discursively inclined, and educationally focused initiatives. She currently sits on the Advisory Board for Emerging Arts Professionals. She holds a BA in Sociology from Mills College and an MA from the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance at Wesleyan University and is an alumni of the NextGen Getty Leadership Institute for executive education. In her spare time Megan is a quilter.

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