Colección: "Richmond Artists Activate!" // Richmond Youth + NIAD Artists Banner Project

About the Exhibition

This collection celebrates the spirit of community activism and the creative energy of Richmond High School and NIAD Art Center artists. Richmond Artists Activate! centers artists as agents for lasting social change and leaders in the Richmond community.

The centerpiece of this project is the 10 remarkable banners lining 23rd Street - each emblazoned with a detail from the twenty artworks on display in the Richmond Artists Activate! exhibition in NIAD's gallery - showcasing visual art that's rooted in the neighborhood.

RAA! truly has activated so many alliances across the cultural landscape of Richmond, with collaboration from Philip Mehas and Winifred Day at the Richmond Arts and Culture Commission, Carlos Castro and Isaac Martinez from Richmond Public Works, Diego Garcia of Richmond High School and Leftside Printing, the youth artists, and all the various facilitators and mentors who supported this initiative.

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