Colección: "Puzzles in Print" organized by Delilah Ponton (online exhibiton)

About the exhibition 

I enjoyed looking through NIAD’s prints. Seeing the uniqueness of the phrases made me think about who the artist is and what is important to them. Jason Powell - Smith’s Golden State Warriors prints intrigued me because of how sincere they are. I truly believe he wants the warriors to have a good off season after winning the NBA championship. Other prints express personal interests or certain words that mean more beyond the surface – Peter Harris’ “HEW” print. To me this print is very chaotic, the “HEW” in all caps, the brokenness of the W. Who is HEW? What does it mean? The mystery only adds to the chaos and to my love of this piece. Perfect!


About the organizer

I was born in the Bay Area. I am currently an intern at NIAD and a teaching assistant at First Exposures photography program in San Francisco. My hobbies include film photography and buying records from Hercules Records on Alcatraz in Berkeley (very cool store, check it out!) You can find one or two of my photos in the book Among Peers — The United States of Young Photographers available through Minor Matters.


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