Colección: NIAD Windows Exhibition: My Rising Special Place, organized by Dorrie Reid and Mary Mortimer

On View at NIAD through January 29, 2021

From Dorrie Reid: 
"I've been thinking about when I retire. I've been thinking about that for a while,
thinking about my long-term goals, finding a place to settle down and work on my art.
Somewhere I can have quiet time, and no hostility.
I'm thinking about finding a place that's quiet, and moving on to what I want to do in the future.
Searching for that place, My Rising Special Place."

From Mary Mortimer:
"Dorrie was the first artist I met at NIAD. I feel a deep connection with her and her work.
We have many parallels in our use of materials. We are both printers using the power of words.
We have both moved through using many materials fluidly - ceramic, fiber, paint, ink. She crochets and I knit.

Dorrie came up with the title for this show, "My Rising Special Place."
We've chosen work that speaks to this theme, and I've added a couple of my own prints.
As chance has it, we are on the same wavelength. This, of course, is no surprise!" 

This is the first show for 2021 in NIAD's new exhibitions space, NIAD Windows. 
Dorrie Reid and Mary Mortimer have each organized exhibitions for NIAD before, but this is their first time working in collaboration.

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