Colección: NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #2: "The Color of Happiness" collection by Rebecca Jantzen


"It was hard picking out [the collection] because there's so many different styles and mediums. The happiness feeling is what they all have in common. People should buy art because it will make them feel happy!"


An abstract painting - organic black shapes edged in gray form a pattern resembling an animal print, with a large patch of gold paint in the middle.
Shana Harper, acrylic on handmade paper

"When I look at it, it's like we're all coming, meeting in the middle, all the people."

An artists book bound with white thread, signed in the bottom left by the artist. A rainbow-colored armadillo-like figure floats in the middle of the page, with a blue and a red heart in the upper corners, and a flower in the bottom right.
Maria Radilla, string-bound unique artist book

"I like the spring-y feeling - the colors, the flowers, the hearts - make you feel happy."


 A glazed ceramic bowl with lid, overlaid with a loose scalloped pattern in a subtle palette of yellow, black, green and red.

Raven Harper, glazed ceramic

"I like the colors on it. I'd put little trinkets in it. The colors make you think of the different seasons—bumblebees, leaves."


 A vividly colored illustration of a form roughly in the size and shape of the United States, built of a loose accumulation of triangles and brushstrokes. Handwritten text in the bottom left corner reads "Map for art, love Karen May."

Karen May, Map for Art, watercolor, ink and colored pencil on paper

"The colors pull you into it. She's got shapes—I see a person, a duck, a bird."

A glazed ceramic bird, wings outstretched, head turned to the size, with a brown front and orange and yellow body.

Rebecca Jantzen, glazed ceramic

"I love animals. This is one of my first ceramic pieces. I chose the colors from the imagination. It would be called 'The Imaginary Bird'."



I describe myself as visually impaired and learning disabled. I am a socially engaged artist who loves her art work. I love holidays and I like to make cards for special occasions. I like to draw things that brighten up my spirit and the day; images of peace, love and happiness. One of the reasons I chose to draw the bee character is because I’m known as “Queen Bee” at NIAD. I try to put myself into my art sometimes. I like to use anything and everything in art."

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