Colección: NIAD Gallery Exhibition // Unbridled, organized by Piper Snow

Unbridled, organized by Piper Snow

December 1, 2023 - January 19, 2024

Gallery Reception // Saturday December 9th, 1 to 4pm


About the exhibition:

Driving up an extremely steep hill, super fast, only seeing the sky ahead.

We thought we knew this road’s direction but all destinations have become unclear.

Planes, ships, automobiles, skates, bikes and even spiritual trips.

We visit the ways in which we transport ourselves.

About the Organizer:

Piper Snow has been painting, drawing and working with clay since 1984. Her figurative sculptures range in scale from life-size to the miniature. She also makes functional objects in which the pottery is carved with detailed drawings and her glazes have a lush painterliness.

In high school Piper studied pottery at Mendocino Art Center. Received a BFA at California College of the Arts in 1990. And spent countless hours in the Laney College ceramic studio.

Classic cars and skating themes have always played a part in Piper’s work. Currently she paints global warming landscapes that envision imperfect futures. 

Piper Snow’s art derives from imagination and memory. The ceramic figures are celebratory, playful, alienated, dressed in imagination, souls in search of a funky groove. They are Sly Stone’s “Everyday People.”

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