Colección: NIAD Gallery Exhibition // Miguel Chacon: Observer

Miguel Chacon prefers to take the role of witness to situations rather than an active participant. He shares, “I’m an observer. I just watch. I don’t like talking too much… I listen. People that don’t say nothing and do what they dream about doing, and they work hard and they do it everyday... I think that feeds the soul.”

A man of action, Chacon lets his paintbrush do the talking.

Observer showcases the latest body of work from Miguel Chacon. Here he combines his experience of growing up in Richmond with figures from media to reimagine past narratives. With these paintings the artist offers his perspective on matters of representation, diversity, and pop culture.

// Virtual Artist Talk Friday May 20, 1 to 2pm

// Gallery Reception Saturday May 21, 1 to 4pm

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