Colección: NIAD Annex Exhibition // Crossover

About the Exhibition

Crossover is an apt title for this show, which will showcase the vibrant and newly-connected fiber art scenes of NIAD and Cedars. Crossover is a companion to the textile-centered exhibition Follow the String, on view at Marin MOCA. In preparation for this show, artists from both programs visited each other's studios, and participated in a tee-shirt and doll making workshop at Marin MOCA. T-shirts and dolls from this workshop will be on view in NIAD and Marin MOCA.

Though there are many overlaps in materials and subjects, each artist has their own distinct way of deploying fiber in traditional and nontraditional ways. Artworks in the show include representations of loom and lap weaving, embroidery, cardboard mobiles, papier-mâché dragons, paint-splattered quilt-like paintings, a seed-beaded cane, pompoms, braided cords, crocheted afghans and many more. 

On view November 5-26, 2022

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