Colección: Memory, selected by Ling Shang (online exhibition)

About the Exhibition

Memory can be buried deep in our mind. It emerges at a quiet moment, when looking through a window on a peaceful afternoon, or while mixing in a noisy crowd. Memory can come in colors, in detail, or totally abstract. Powerful, but impossible to describe in words.

The selected works can be any part in our memories: those sweet, lonely, joyful, silly, bitter, innocent, or nonsensical moments.

About the Organizer

Born in Beijing, my understanding and sense on art come from the rich memories of the seemingly long past and my present life in lively everyday reality. My formal education is cross-cultural in cross fields from both China and the United States, focusing on English Literature, Art History, and Finance.

Being in the auction industry for sixteen years, I am currently working as an independent Chinese art consultant with Bonhams, a prestigious international auction house. With plenty of exposure to and deep passion for classical and traditional art, I also often find contemporary art vibrant, inspiring, and powerful. I am honored to be introduced to these colorful creations by the people whom I have begun to know through their artwork, created by their strong minds and intuitive sense.

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