Colección: Jean McElvane's Pollinator Series

Sharing about the process behind her pollinator works,NIAD artist Jean McElvane says:
"There are seven or eight of the pollinator subjects I’ve made so far. These include Hamlet  Hummingbird (their leader), Whirley (Old World) Swallowtail, Buzby Bee, Batrick Bat, Drake Fleeby Dragonfly (even if not a pollinator technically, I have been asked to make them), Butterfly Tubbler, Ladle-Spoon Ladybug, & Tiger Swallowtail.” 
When asked about how she creates the names for her pieces she shares, “I go by personality.”  

Jean likes to source materials from many places including recycling centers, household items,  NIAD, Amazon, Etsy and Target. Types of recycled materials within her practice may include  aluminum foil, caps, lids and juice bottles. When asked why she centers recycled materials  within her work she shares, “They’re useful and beautiful.” Other materials frequently used  include markers, masking tape, nail polish, fibers/cloths and paper clips.  

When asked how she envisions her work she says, simply: “Out in the world.” 

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