Colección: "How the World Becomes World" organized by KC Bull

a tufted abstract wallhanging on a black canvas

About the Exhibition

This title comes from the writer Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s essay Eye and Mind.

Merleau-Ponty emphasized the body as the primary site of knowing the world.  

The self is shaped by one’s perception of the outside world. The world becomes world, then, as it changes, it becomes how we see the world through our experiences. He believed our understanding of self and world are always informed by our ongoing experiences.

Making art is much like this, one’s perception and experience of the world informs the work they create.  Creating is back and forth between dialogue between our experiences and self with the outside world.  The works I chose made me think of this process.  

About the Organizer

KC Bull is an artist and art educator living in Oakland, CA.  She teaches art in Oakland and Berkeley public schools.  She is also a filmmaker and ceramic artist.

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