Colección: "Green Fuse" organized by Chris Thorson

About the exhibition

When things fuse they blend into a single entity. This exhibition is inspired by gardens, spring, and interconnectedness. The works presented here animate bodies, environments and spirits, suggesting various physical and metaphysical ways in which we exchange energy with one another. As spring blooms before us, let’s nurture practices of personal, collective and ecological well-being.

The exhibition includes Sara Malpass’s hand-built ceramic works, Home and View which propose a sense of belonging and the act of looking outward. Dorian Reid’s rendition of This Little Light of Mine shines "in the neighborhood” and “all through the universe”. Luis Estrada’s drawings and ceramics personify the sun and show it communing with plants, humans, and objects. Felicia Griffin’s nest-like textile works hang from tree branches and may remind us that weaving is practiced by both birds and humans.

Additionally, Saul Alegria’s paintings of beetles and Jean McElvane’s spider sculptures focus on overlooked yet ecologically essential beings.  Finally, Tre’Von Silva’s mixed media collage, Samantha Kershnar’s drawing, Erika Martinez’s print, Bubba Trieber’s artist book, and Xiomara Rosales’s original song Dancing is My Life speak to ecstatic experiences of body and spirit. 


About the organizer

"My sculptures posit a gap between perception and reality, making space to question the conditions of contemporary life and culture while testing the boundaries between what we overlook and what we esteem. Using a range of materials and methods, I remake and represent everyday objects to explore themes including consumption, illusion, and vulnerability."

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