Colección: "Gifts of Colorful Creativity," organized by Jonathan Valdivias and Rebecca Teague

a portrait painting with blue skin red eyes and prominent teeth.

“I love to give things that are very colorful!” —Jonathan Valdivias.

NIAD Artist Jonathan Valdivias and NIAD Director of Development Rebecca Teague sat down together to create a gift collection that is as joyous as it is visually stunning.

Jonathan and Rebecca invite you to explore a holiday gift guide that goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing Jonathan’s love for vibrant hues and imaginative expression, and Rebecca's love for the artists here at NIAD.


About the Exhibition

Within this collection we included a few of Jonathan’s works he wanted to share with you all. With a passion for red, blue, green, and all things colorful, Jonathan's creations are a true celebration of individuality and self-expression. 

Our gift guide extends beyond traditional artworks and spans all price points, features unique items that infuse not only Jonathan’s distinctive style, but invites you to enjoy the boundary breaking work being created by NIAD artists. 

Jonathan and I talked about the spirit of the season and how to give the unexpected that delights and embodies the vibrancy and creativity of Jonathan's artistic vision. Purchase a piece of NIAD’s world and make this holiday season truly unforgettable. Gift these works! Or bring some into your own life. 

Happy gifting to one and all. 

About the Organizers

NIAD artist Jonathan Valdivias prefers moody colors but goes multi-pigmented for the many images he says are self-portraits. The resulting narratives reflect his self-perception and emotional sensitivities as well as his mastery of acrylics.

Rebecca Teague was educated in textiles and then photography at SFAI and SF Academy of Art. She has worked as a visual artist throughout her life, and joined her first non-profit in 2007. Since then she has worked with various Bay Area non-profits, and currently serves as NIAD's Director of Development.

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