Colección: Cat Waterfall, Artist of the Month Series, Selected by Ann Meade (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

"Lots of workshops and places have employee of the month, and so I thought it'd be great if NIAD had 'Artist of the Month.' That's how I came up with the idea for this tradition. First I picked my quilt. It has baseball players and cats. The way I made it makes it go with the other pieces in this show. I went through the pages of my work and looked for the most colorful things." 

- Ann Meade

Over the past few years, NIAD artists have been delving deeper into the curatorial aspects of their practices by participating in our Artist of the Month program, which converts a portion of the communal studio into an installation and exhibition space. Working individually or in teams, artists elect to display completed work, experiment with wall murals and site-specific installations, or perform art, poetry, and music.

We are thrilled to present the following collection based on an AOM installation directed by Ann Meade! Ann pitched the original idea for "Artist of the Month" exhibitions during an Artist & Advisory Committee session, and the NIAD community has been honoring the tradition ever since.  Please join us in celebrating Ann's vibrant work -- including the newest addition completed during Shelter-in-Place: "Cat Waterfall," a sparkling ceramic vessel with a pouring spout. 


images: three angles of a ceramic bowl vessel painted in metallic shades of gold, green, red, pink, and blue. There are eight flat clay cats placed standing around and extending from the rim of the bowl. The front of each cat is painted a different color and the artist has etched smiling faces and whiskers into each cat's head. The interior of the bowl and back side of each cat is painted a matte light blue. There is a round hollow spout attached to one side of the bowl which would enable water to pour through it like a pitcher or kettle. "Cat Waterfall," acrylic and ink on hand-built ceramic, approx. 8 x 10 x 10 inches, 2021.

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