Colección: "an echo carries texture" organized by Steph Kudisch (online exhibition)

many, many rows of the letter N handwritten across a blank white page

About the Exhibition

How is sound shaped by the forms it moves through?

An echo carries texture: something that returns, an idea that shifts slightly as it travels, bouncing forth and back across, through and into. In a sunlit column of studio air, there is revolving, dancing dust. Around, again.

This exhibition is filled with visual art that circles around the idea of communication.

About the Organizer

Steph Kudisch is a trans genderfluid artist whose work uses mutated intertidal aesthetics and personal storytelling to dwell in in-betweens. 

Kudisch works as a teaching artist on Ohlone land in the San Francisco Bay Area. Focusing in screenprint, sound, and ceramics, Kudisch received their MFA as well as the Isaac M. Walter Sculpture Prize from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2018.

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