Colección: I See What You're Feeling, organized by Daniel Krakauer (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

Have you ever met somebody whose emotions are so big they seem to fill up a room? These wonderful drawings remind me of those passionate people. Each subject fills their piece of paper with their emotions. Whether joyful, calm or anxious, their feelings permeate their faces, their bodies and even the spaces around them. Even when the backgrounds are empty, they are empty in ways that amplify the subjects' inner states. 

I don’t know these artists, so I can’t ask what they meant to say. But it’s art, so we each get to make up whatever story we see. What emotions do you see radiating from these expressive gems? 


About the organizer

I have been an art facilitator at Cedars Fine Art Studios, a progressive studio in Marin, for six years. I have the pleasure of helping some of the most creative, interesting people I’ve met express themselves in different ways. We make puppet shows, we write songs, we draw and paint and sculpt. I love talking about their art and sharing it with the world. 

Over the years, the art I have made on my own has tended to be connected to narrative in some way, whether it is a kinetic sculpture of a fiddler or a series of etchings with accompanying text. Recently I have been working abstractly, mostly using iron wire to make mobiles and other structures reminiscent of both organic forms and simple mechanical objects. Every form I make gives me ideas for several more. Working with wire is like thinking in space. 

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