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Sometimes when giving a gift, you want the form to fit the function.

Sometimes when giving a gift you want practical and beautiful over just, well, beautiful.

And sometimes when giving a gift, you want something so funky and so unique, you know you didn't already give it to the recipient last year.

With the first edition of our Holiday Gift Guide, we've got you covered.

In this guide we have some truly amazing jewelry from Maria Radilla and Esme Silva. We have a really lively vessel (don't often read that combination of words, do you?) from Julio Del Rio. Or how about about a brooch that looks like a turtle for that special someone who loves amphibians? Heather Copus created a zine for the nostalgic television show watcher on your list. If you can't decide what to give, no problem. With a NIAD gift card, you can let them decide.

Here's a quick pro tip: If you see something you like by Maria Radilla, click on her name in the blue font just below the description. This will round up all of her work for you to see. You might find something you want to give even more.

But, you may wonder, if I buy something to give for the holidays, will I receive it in time? We can answer that with a hearty yes. Yes, you will. We ship it soon after you pay for it.

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Tim Buckwalter is Director of Exhibitions at NIAD Art Center. As a child he spent many hours at holiday and summer craft fairs, since his parents were craftspeople. He still loves craft objects though.

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