Colección: Monochrome Markings, Selected By Jennifer Gilbert (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

I selected these works as I have a real passion for black and white art, my home is a celebration of monochrome works. Earlier this year I created the largest ever, monochrome pop-up show of self-taught, disabled and outsider artists work in London, featuring 61 international artists, titled ‘Monochromatic Minds’. My passion for black and white work stems back many years. I believe an artist to be at their most honest when colour is omitted and their skills are manifest.

These selected works have a playful line quality - some being densely overlaid like Matthew Wilson, others have repetitive mark making like Julia Del Rio and others still show simple lines carefully placed like Joseph Rux. This selection of works shows the enormity and diversity of the types of work you can create with just black marks on white paper. I love the use of text within art so several pieces have been selected on that basis. All of these works make me smile and evoke a reaction in me when I gaze upon them and I like to ponder how the artist was feeling when they created these works.

About the selector

Jennifer Gilbert is a UK based gallerist and freelance producer and curator. She set up the Jennifer Lauren Gallery three years ago with the aim of championing and exhibiting self-taught, disabled and overlooked artists works who create outside of the mainstream and art history. She is passionate about being a voice and platform for under-represented artists, allowing their voices and talents to shine through. Jennifer has worked in this field for over 12 years, realising an individualised and personalised approach is required to support these artists.

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