Colección: We Are The Creatures, Selected By Yana Sternberger-Moyé (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

We Are The Creatures is a collection of work that explores the wide range of living organisms existing on and beyond this planet. The work ranges from bright and bold sculptural work to drawings with very minimal color and repetitive line work. Each unique piece embodies a different energy, and as we continue to look closely, these creatures may even begin to reflect the various creatures within all of us.


About the selector

Yana Sternberger-Moyé is a queer, Afro-German artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California currently living and working in Oakland, California. In May of 2020, they earned their undergraduate degree in Studio Art from Mills College, receiving the Photographic Prize for Creative Excellence (2019), the Nancy Cook Photography Award (2019), as well as the Mills College Artist of the Year Award (2019-2020). Using painting, photography, sculpture, and video, their work depicts the beauty and resiliency of queer people of color. By doing so, they aim to dissolve social stigmas around trauma and placelessness to create a safe space for people who feel unseen or unheard. Ultimately, they do this work to create a platform meant for conversations, questions, mourning, healing, and in celebration of self and identity. Currently, Sternberger-Moyé works as an event photographer and gallery assistant at the Mills College Art Museum, as well as a gallery docent at Pier 24 Photography. Additionally, they are the creator of SHRINKY TIME, a shop where they sell their handmade jewelry crafted out of shrink art. Find them on Instragram @thequeerscorpio & @yana.hsm_art .

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