Colección: Nowhere Anywhere But Here, Selected By Scott MacLeod

About the exhibition

Stumbling across a Heather Hamann painting while self-isolating, I thought “I want to be there!” I started thinking about all the different forms, epic and quotidian, that utopian fantasies took, and assumed that the impulse was “anywhere but here!” It took me awhile to realize that there really is no anywhere (else) but here, and that what fantasy ultimately does is make it easier for us to accept being right here, where we quite dramatically, today, are. But I couldn’t choose between Anywhere and Nowhere, so the title has both. Because, in the end, things really are complicated.

About the selector

Writer and artist Scott MacLeod has been presenting live, time-based, media, conceptual and static work in the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally since 1979. He has organized a show in NIAD Art Center's galleries and exhibited his work there as well. Scott lives in Oakland, California.

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