Colección: Shift, Selected By Bri Beck (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

These works each highlight an aesthetic that is very much alive. From transitory hues and materials to text which leaves the viewer in liminal space, these works cause me to wonder what sort of internal shifts these artists are experiencing. Most works offer us a certain dynamism, while others disburse movement more slowly. As speed and energy shifts, so does depth, whereas shapes both dance along the surface and reach back to somewhere new. However, a written description of such non-objective works can only do so much. I invite you to instead experience these vibrant works and sense the shifts they create in you.

About the selector

Bri Beck is an interdisciplinary artist, activist, and art therapist. Bri considers herself to have a social art practice and combines her fine art, design, and work as a helping professional to change individual and societal insight. She plays with color, pattern, shape, and scale to show emotional states and create alternative environments. In her art therapy and activist work, Bri is particularly passionate about working within the disability community. As a self-identified disabled artist, Bri is committed to utilizing the arts to show the varied, beautiful, and complex story of disability, as well as creating an avenue for other disabled folks to do the same.

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