Colección: Waving From The Future, Selected By Liz Koury (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

"Waving from the Future" is my online exhibition of artworks of NIAD Art Center artists whose works inspire me to imagine marvelous and exotic worlds of creation where anything and everything is possible.  Dreamlike visions of animated landscapes where anthropomorphic animals, human forms, plants, sculptural forms with animal features, and words occupy immersive fields of color. This is a world of deepest dreams where nature lies bare and can be explored thoroughly and lovingly down to the most minute detail and structure. All boundaries are gone, everything exists with a spirit and vitality of equal importance. Rubbings, paint, clay, ink, felt, thread, pencil, pen and watercolors are morphed into forms depicting plants, stones, water, humans, animals, colors and words in an adventure of discovery and inspiration.

I am reminded of a quote by Max Ernst in which he stated, "Before he goes under water, a diver cannot know what he will bring back."

Chance plays a vital role in this world of "Waving from the Future."

About the selector

Liz Koury is a NYC-based artist, curator and former gallerist. Her three galleries in NYC from 1983-1995 were International With Monument, Koury-Wingate and Elizabeth Koury Gallery. Each gallery launched the careers of then-emerging artists Jeff Koons, Sarah Charlesworth, Riochard Prince, Peter Halley, Franz West, Georg Herold, Lisa Yuskavage, Nicole Eisenman, John Zinnser, Charles Long, and many, many other important and exciting artists. Liz' passion and support of emerging art continues today with her exciting collaborations between emerging artists and young gallerists.

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