Colección: Travelogue, Selected By Prajakti Jayavant (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

(This is a narrative collaboration between NJ (age 10) and Prajakti Jayavant)

Spike and Feathers went on a journey to St. Paul’s. Once the traffic light signal changed, they were off to the Kentucky Derby where they rode on and raced the horses through some weird floating arches which led to a portal to another realm. The hatch of the portal dropped them into the middle of an ocean. A map swept by and Spike spiked it with his quill.

Feathers and Spike continued on their journey through the hot, hot desert in search of the sacred pyramids. Some stray cats picked a fight with them and tore their clothes so Spike and Feathers stole some laundry that was hanging on a clothesline.

The now dressed up in tulle and ruffles duo headed to the Kingdom of Chicago where they located the magical crystal that powered the the whole entire city. It was an emblem of light, hope, and courage. It was ON.

Despite the excitement, the two friends, having spent sooooo much time together, began to quarrel and feel lonely about being so far away from home. The ups and downs continued. They rescued a cat from some jungle vines only to then be attacked by a shark in the sea.

A mysterious note in a pop bottle washed up on the beach. Spike and Feathers decided that it was an omen to heed so they took a picture of themselves before boarding a plane for Mexico. The photograph would become a cherished memento. Once on the plane, they sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed their flight.

The two friends were eager to try the local cuisine. They ate ALL of the tacos in Mexico and spotted some snazzy jeans displayed in the market stalls. Feathers made a mental note to add bedazzling to her feathered creations.

A storm was brewing, so the friends retreated to their hotel to make a quilt as a memory of their travels.

Vacation was almost over. Spike and Feathers felt frazzled, inspired, and somehow different since the trip’s start. The friends learned that creatures who live on the land and those who live in the sea, aren’t so different after all. When they finally crossed the bay to their home in San Francisco, they all lived together happily but not happily ever after. There’s a difference.

About the selectors

NJ is ten years old. In his spare time, NJ writes stories and plays Pokémon. He really likes cats and wrote, directed, and starred in the mystery movie “Catnapped!” NJ’s drawings and paintings are in the private collection of artist, educator, and dog lover, Prajakti Jayavant. She was cast in the role of Detective A and was also the costume designer for the film.

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