Colección: Chameleon With A Kaleidoscope, Selected By Prajakti Jayavant (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

A chameleon is a live painting. It exists in a perpetual state of evolving color as a means for survival. A chameleon adjusts its exterior palette to saturate into its surroundings. A kaleidoscope presents shuffles of mosaic hues that form and reform as a collection of pigmented puzzles and recombining color wheels. 

A chameleon with a kaleidoscope would see multiplications of the imaginations represented by the artists and artworks in this exhibition.

About the selector

Prajakti Jayavant is a Bay Area artist and educator whose students have ranged from ages three to one hundred and three. She has taught Fine Arts in elementary schools, special education, colleges, and convalescent hospitals. Her work has been exhibited at NIAD’s gallery alongside its talented artists.

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