Colección: Glaze Words, Selected By Lisa Rybovich Crallé (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

I organized this collection of works on paper based on a list-poem by NIAD artist, Sara Malpass. I hadn’t fully appreciated the scope of NIAD’s database until I immersed myself in it in an attempt to string together works for this online exhibition. The more time I spent looking, the more there was to see. Pages and pages of artworks, bursting with confidence, sensitivity, and humor. This poem by Malpass seems to encompass it all: 

  1. open book
  2. obsessive
  3. Pages
  4. neighborhood
  5. goats
  6. shocking
  7. garden work
  8. foot work
  9. Problem
  10. feelings
  11. century
  12. nature
  13. childhood
  14. opening
  15. guard work
  16. future

About the selector

Lisa Rybovich Crallé is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Bay Area. Her research focuses on corporeality and embodied experience in relation to sculpture, installation, and performance — art forms that respond to the physical presence of a viewer or participant. Her work has been presented at Cornell University, the Manetti Shrem Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Berkeley Art Museum, Syracuse University, Mills College, di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, Land and Sea, and Field Projects, among other venues. In addition to her studio practice, Lisa teaches at Berkeley City College and co-organizes Heavy Breathing, a series of experimental artist-led movement seminars.

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