Colección: Penmanships, Selected By Carolyn Lockhart Schoerner (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

It began with admiring Karen May’s signature on the front of her works and how the simple inclusion of her personal penmanship added a significant detail to her pieces. The works shown are not all specifically text pieces, sometimes the piece simply includes the artist’s name, but the use of the individual’s handwriting is not only expressive but alludes to a deeper understanding of the artist. While graphology is known to help identify personality traits and characteristics, upon viewing these works it is apparent that the handwritten word does indeed lead us into a more personal world, one in which we can begin to imagine the artists behind the works.

About the selector

Carolyn Lockhart Schoerner is a classical ballet dancer and artist living in New York City. She also runs a non-profit publishing company, Books for All, publishing artists’ books solely with artists living with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses.

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