Colección: Faces Places, Selected By Sammy Kapp (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

Paying homage to Agnes Varda’s final film, this grouping seeks to interact with the imagined and real figures and landscapes of NIAD’s impressive roster of artists. Creating dynamic and vibrant visions of the world, these artists are exploring what defines faces and places, two very basic genera. Take Erica Martinez’s Wallhanging, which quilts floral patterned fabrics to create an entirely new terrain. Or take Raven Harper’s Untitled, which morphs one of her signature visages onto a ceramic surface. Like Varda, these artists are engaging with persons, places, and things, getting to know them and inventing their own perceptions of them.

About the selector

Sammy Kapp is the founder of Kapp Kapp, a contemporary art gallery in the Gayborhood of Philadelphia. He is fun-loving, joyful, passionate, and a recent New York expat. His interests include bubbly pop music, bubble tea, dancing, and art.

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