Colección: Craft-tastic!, Selected By Shenny Cruces (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

Defining craft at this time in the art world is tenuous at best. Once definable as a demonstration of skill in making things by hand, the current trends in craft push beyond the technical aspects of skill and question the validity of such a parameter in the art world. Upon selecting pieces for this exhibition, I was interested in seeing a dynamic conflation of these two ideas surrounding craft. I chose works that demonstrate a connection to craft that is both tangible and intangible. Either through the use of material, commitment to skill, or rejection of those confines, these artists’ works create a new definition of craft.

About the selector

Shenny Cruces is an artist working within and without of the confines of ceramics. Her work revolves around the ideas of the collected object and the creation of identity and memory. She is an Associate Professor of Art and Ceramics at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton and she currently lives in Sacramento, California.

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