Colección: Top Ten: A Tribute To The Greats, Selected By Brittany Baksa (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

This exhibition features ten carefully selected works from the collection that (un)-intentionally pay tribute to some of the most influential artists of our time. You may recognize the likeness of Robert Motherwell's swelling ink spots, Wassily Kandinsky's "Squares With Concentric Circles," the familiar colored rectangular forms of Piet Mondrian, or the childlike expressions of organic shapes and vibrant color formed by Joan Miro. The aforementioned artists have made a significant impact on the world of art, through which their influence can easily be seen in the work presented in this exhibition.

About the selector

Brittany Baksa is the Studio Manager for Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Studio provides value through artistic expression in support of individuals with intellectual disability and autism. In addition to loving what she does for a living, Brittany enjoys visiting museums and galleries, going on hikes and creating contemporary collage pieces. Brittany and her partner have been growing their art collection for many years, 1/3 of which is uniquely outsider artists. Prior to working for Friendship, Brittany spent time working in small museums in Lancaster County. She earned her Masters of Art in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University and her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from The Pennsylvania State University.

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