Colección: Possession, Selected By Tommy Brewer (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

I am naming this show after a favorite movie of mine - Andrzej Żuławski's Possession. In the film, Isabelle Adjani's character Anna falls in love with a gruesome monster (which, incidentally, was designed by the same guy who made "E.T.") whom she also helps physically form. With her help, the creature metamorphoses from a sort of amorphous pile of body parts to, by the end, a rather nice-looking human being (at least in appearance). For Anna, the making and loving of the monster are one and the same - an irrational, all-consuming obsession.

The works in the show are a bit spooky, a bit Unheimlich. A bit in touch with something dark and beautiful and scary, and impossible to put a finger on. 

About the selector

Tommy Brewer used to work at Team Gallery and now is at Gavin Brown's enterprise

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