Colección: Families And Friends, Selected By Nakiesha White (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

I talk to my journal about everything, and my journal talks to me:
“It’s time to write! It’s time to write.”

I love my mom. She’s like my hero.
She wants to keep my head out the clouds,
keep a roof over my head,
keep the clothes on my back.
I help her, you know.
I talk to her - I pull her aside and I say
I’m having a problem and I’m clear with her and expressing my feelings.
You know how precious they are.

How am I doing?
Fine, and I feel okay to be with friends and my family too.
I was thinking about my feelings sometimes.
I do everything in my life to be liked by myself, get out, be at home,
and I love to be clear: my head, my thoughts, and feelings as well.
Sometimes not to be depressed all the time, I hang in there.
What’s on my mind?
I’m so blessed to be home,
to have hope,
to stay quiet.

I have to relax every night, to think what’s in my head.
I will not let things bother me and I walk away.
Sometimes sticks and stones break my bones, words will never hurt me.
I’m doing just fine, let’s go -
God is good all the time
I keep a word, and I feel relaxed and listen to the ocean and breathe, be present.
If I feel it: music.
Sometimes being myself to be strong and brave just like my mother.
I have a little secret to tell my friends and my thoughts:
I’m so quiet here in my room.


About the selector

Nakiesha White is an artist and writer creating work at NIAD Art Center. As a dedicated poet, she advocates for the calming powers of writing, making music, and pausing to breathe in the garden. This exhibition revolves around a collection of artist books that complement the original prose she composes in her own journal. Her statement represents themes constant in her poetry: deep and patient love for family, friends, and the self.

Nakiesha is currently working from home on textiles, mixed-media sculptures, and a series of poems set to music.

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