Colección: NIAD Annex Exhibition // "Exploring Arts Through Sound", organized by Luis Estrada, Rebecca Jantzen & Kiesha White

Gallery Reception Saturday June 10, 1 to 4pm, NIAD Art Center.

About the exhibition

"Art comes in different sounds..."

Music, sound and performance have long been at the center of the NIAD community. 

I know art and music. It’s my favorite. Making music together like my poetry, family; I put my family first. – NIAD artist Kiesha White

Only recently, however, has it become an official, facilitated offering in the NIAD Sound Recordings area.

Art comes in different sounds whether its poetry or instruments. I was thinking art also comes in the form of personal experiences, it comes from the heart. Showing, listening and verbally telling about art is very good for everyone. When we were talking about the show, it’s about everyone’s pieces coming together. Art is a lived experience. -NIAD artist Rebecca Jantzen

The wellspring of dance, poetry, weather forecasts, and song which sustain and bring joy to our everyday studio practice is now, at last, bursting out of our studio doors and available to the public! 

A lot of working in my head. The weather is changing fast (snap!). Back on zoom again after talk, talk, talk. The weather's be a crazy day outside now. Thursday morning be back at work. This leg and this leg - first leg is dancing. This leg: no dancing. -NIAD artist Luis Estrada

Curated by three of NIAD's sound enthusiasts - Rebecca Jantzen, Luis Estrada, and Kiesha White - Exploring Arts Through Sound provides NIAD artists' perspective of this burgeoning studio practice. 

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