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When you own a piece of NIAD art, you connect with the unique story of an artist with disabilities, amplify an original voice in contemporary art, and empower a non-traditional artist to earn income from their work.

NIAD online exhibition

"The Poetics of Feeling" organized by Vivian Torres

About the Exhibition

“Art... was for me a realm where every imposed boundary could be transgressed.” - bell hooks

Using bell hook’s book, Art on my Mind as a point of reference, this exhibition is meant to provoke thoughts about art as an experience.

Varying degrees of emotion are evoked within each piece, creating a unique experience for its viewers. We can see examples of this in works such as Julio Del Rio’s eclectic drawings, Jason Powell-Smith’s text-heavy prints, and Karen May’s methodical shapes and mark-making on paper. 

About the Organizer

Vivian Torres is a Southern California-raised, Bay Area-based visual artist and museum enthusiast. She has a B.A. Degree in Fine Arts from California State University, Long Beach and is currently obtaining her Master’s degree in Museum Studies at the University of San Francisco. Vivian is currently working as a gallery intern at NIAD, and prior to this, she has worked and volunteered in museum spaces and art centers across the Bay Area including SFMOMA, the Oakland Museum of CA, and the Richmond Art Center. Her academic research is centered on forging visibility for historically under-represented artists, with a current focus on female artists based in Mexico. 

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NIAD Art Center's Benefit Art Auction & Fundraiser

May 18, 2024

Bridge Art Space in Richmond