Colección: “Subtle Sweetness” organized by Jamie Walsh (online exhibition)

About the exhibition 

As someone who easily gets wrapped up in my own thoughts, I’m trying to practice being a bit more mindful, taking time to acknowledge and appreciate the things that really matter but are easy to miss.

Putting together this show, I wanted to choose pieces that spoke to me softly. I hope you, too, are able to pause and enjoy an exhibition that might hold you in a comfortable moment of appreciation for something that is a little more subtle.

If this exhibition existed in real life, I imagine a white noise machine playing in the background.

About the organizer 

Jamie Walsh has a background working in progressive art studios as an art instructor, gallery curator, and program director. She is the founder and co-facilitator of Quickest Flip (@quickestflip) - a magazine and online showcase featuring artwork by artists both with and without disabilities as a means to promote inclusion in the arts. She lives in Oakland and is the Membership Associate at Intersection for the Arts (@intersectionforthearts) in San Francisco. 

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