Colección: A Year Through the Windows (online exhibition)

About the collection

The Windows Exhibitions are a pandemic-era innovation, born out of the necessity to see art, and for art to be seen, that continued unabated during lockdown.

Way back in July 2020 Amanda announced in The Latest, "Starting now, each month we will add new exhibitions to NIAD's street-side windows, selected by local artists, curators and NIAD community members... Interested audiences can now drive by, take a stroll past our windows, or get in touch with us directly to arrange for sales or more information on art and artists."

Many thanks to NIAD Gallery Director Julio Rodriguez, the deft facilitator and gracious host of the Windows shows and associated Thirsty Thursday events. 

This online omnibus collects singular works from each month in the first full year of the Windows Exhibitions—a cultural artifact in itself.


My Rising Special Place, selected by Dorian Reid and Mary Mortimer


History in the Making, selected by Raven Harper and Shawna Kinard 


Win Win 9



To Make Home, selected by Simon Tran and Kari Simonsen


Art In Windows, selected by NIAD with Richmond Main Street Initiative


Adornment, selected by Max Kauffman


Soft Material, selected by Nan Collymore and Celia Lesh


Picnic, selected by Jessica Cadkin


Mis Figuras Favoritas: Carlota Rodriguez & Erica Martinez, selected by Julio Rodriguez


The Ultimate NIAD Hard-Core Horror Metal Art Show, selected by Alan Perez


Con Los Animales Estamos Conectados, selected by Christo Oropeza


Menagerie on 23rd Street, selected by Prajakti Jayavant

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