Colección: The Wonderful Colorful World, Selected by NIAD’s Professional Practice Group

About the exhibition

This is a show put together by the Professional Practice Group at NIAD. We picked some of our art works. We picked some ceramic bowls, wall hangings, linocuts and drawings. We picked art by our friends. 

(Written by Julio Del Rio and Julie Macdonald)

About the selectors

NIAD’s Professional Practice Group explores what is involved with being a professional artist. This includes writing artist statements, learning new art vocabulary/words, watching documentaries on artists, learning more about art history, curating/organizing art shows, drawing exercises in art galleries and going on field trips to arts organizations, studios, galleries and museums. Members are Julio Del Rio, Raven Harper, Julie Macdonald, Zachary Ochoa, Martha Padron and Keisha White.

The entire exhibition

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