Colección: Mother, Selected By Jesus Herrera (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

I did have a purpose when going through the artists’ works: It was to pick out all of the work that felt like a comment about what we're at risk of losing. What we are destroying, what we should have a little bit more conscience around in our day to day. I have selected works that I feel have brilliance and subtlety (it was very hard to choose just a few.) I was especially drawn to those in which I saw a story unfolding. I wrote a poem about them: 




In the beginning there was the world on the turtles back 


the Iroquois tell us

There were the flowers and the fruit that come after their blooming.

For the cows the horses 

The dogs and cats 


the snakes even


We are grateful 

we are grateful 

we are grateful 

we are grateful for them


Especially the kitty cats.




The birds are screaming


"all the power to the earth" they chirp 

"all the power to the water" they pray

 Flamingos penguins dolphins sharks and polar bears

Poseidon's kingdom 

his home 



But no matter our destructive power 

Mother has a way

always on the thousand-year-old turtles back the flowers bloom again.


About the selector

Jesus Herrera is a vintage clothing curator and designer. He is co-owner of an online shop of Mexican and Latin American vintage, The Vintage Jesus which he promotes through Instagram.

He also co-owns and designs the luxury ready-to-wear clothing brand Les Jesus.

Jesus lives with his two cats, splitting his time between Mexico City and San Francisco. Born in a mountain town in Veracruz, Mexico, he grew up in the small town of Belvidere, Illinois.


About the exhibition sponsors

This online exhibition is supported through the generosity of M.A. Hays Insurance, John and Monique Ziesenhenne, Ms. Virginia Finlay, and the Honorable Christopher R. Bowen. Here’s how you can sponsor a NIAD exhibition.

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