Colección: Objects in Performance, Selected By Arianna Rodriguez (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

When we think of performance art, we typically imagine an artist performing their work. Accordingly, the presence of the artist is often considered essential to the art itself. But what if the performance piece only includes objects created by the artist? The aim of this exhibition is to show that a wide variety of art can have an inherent quality of performance. The selected work is ordered from pieces involving text on canvas presenting a message for the viewer, ceramic sculptures, to finally an abstract drawing.

About the selector

Hey everyone! My name is Arianna Rodriguez, I work over at SlingShot Art Studio & Gallery as the studio and gallery coordinator. When I'm not working at SlingShot, I continue to develop my art practice and write about intersectional disability justice. My body of work is primarily in black and white film photography and ceramics. I'm currently working on a long-term project (about two years into the project). The project takes an intimate look at the Mexican community, and how it intersections with religion, class and gender. I am using a mixture of film photography and video to document intimate moments between Mexican families (including my own) and their relationship with these intersections.

Go check out the talented artists I work for over at SlingShot’s instagram (@slingshot_art), and visit our website at

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